AirMed 3 Exec-UV

Heavy Duty Compact Portable Air Purifier for Severe Situations in Small Rooms, Kitchens or On the Go.

The AirMed 3 is a perfect space saving air purifier for heavier concentrations of localized chemical, odor and particle removal. Ideal for use in your office, when you need some added strength in order to properly remove dangerous airborne chemicals.

Great for travel when hotel rooms need cleaning that require a more professional and powerful approach to gaining healthy levels of indoor air. There are many hotels and motels who have managers and decision makers that are aware of the demand by their customers as the modern approach to cleaner indoor air. Albeit, not all establishments are abywhere near making the suitable changes to adapt properly. The trends have seen it become illegal to smoke indoors as one great leap forward. Another leap forward is cleaning the air yourself in the room you travel to so that the air you breathe on the road is favorable and not potentially filled with ammonia, asbestos, formaldehyde or other dangerous airborne chemicals leering inside.

The AirMed 3 is also useful for those of us who work in an office and want the surrounding air we breathe every day at work to be free of impurities. Like many of our air purification models, the AirMed 3 has customizable options when choosing carbon blends. Learn more about our Exec and Vocarb blends.


Exec Vs Vocarb

About Carbon Blends

Our standard “EXEC” carbon blend has a very large internal surface area and works exceptionally well for a wide range of air pollutants.

The “Vocarb” carbon blend is our most recommended and best-selling specialty carbon blend. Vocarb stands for Volatile organic compounds or VOCs and this include a variety of chemicals that can cause a range of health problems including shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and eye, nose, lung and throat irritation. Some VOC's are suspected to cause cancer in humans and have been shown to cause cancer in animals. The long-term health effects caused by VOC's would depend on the concentration and length of exposure.

Some chemicals adhere better to different types of carbon materials and carbon blends. Over the years we’ve sourced and developed over 40 carbon blends. If you have an odor or chemical you need to remove, we have a blend to target it


Technical Characteristics

   Filtration System Activated carbon filter, 3" depth, Super HEPA, pre-filter
   Carbon Weight 12 lbs.
   Surface Area of Carbon
1500 acres
   Super HEPA Removes 99.99% of all airborne particles 0.1 microns in size
   CFM 100
   Speed Variable
   UV Lamp Available
   Available Colors White
   Voltage 115/60Hz only
   Amps (115V/230V) 0.3
   Cord Length 6 feet
   Noise Level 40-60 dB
   Maneuverability Lightweight and portable with handle
   Filter Access Bottom screws
   Motor Details Motorized Impeller
   Dimensions 16" (height) x 11" (diameter)
   Shipping Weight Approx. 23 lbs.
   Operating Weight 20 lbs.
   Number of Units per Pallet Multiple
   CSA/UL Yes



Parts & Accessories

Part Name Price
Pre-Filters (4 Pack)

We stock all filter replacements, please email us when ready to purchase

Pre-Filters (8 Pack)
Pre-Filters Value-pack(24)
Super Hepa Filter AirMed1 9"x30"
Exec Carbon
VOC Carbon
UV Replacement Lamps 5W
Gasket Set



Heavy Duty Compact Portable Air Purifier for Severe Situations in Small Rooms, Kitchens or On the Go.

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